Dreamer meets and learns to communicate with some very engaging alien creatures.

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Dreamer in Space is the second Dreamer adventure.

  In this story Dreamer lives in the outback of Australia and has a hobby - astronomy. Dreamer‘s computer, via his satellite dish, picks up a message from an intelligent life form in a distant solar system . Dreamer who has his own space ship, decides to investigate.    He is off to experience weightlessness, travel through a wormhole, discover a new solar system and save a growing planet from a planet eating space monster.




DREAMER IN SPACE runs for 40 minutes. The performance is entirely puppetry and a technique known as blacklight is used. This style combines rod puppets in an enclosed booth where everything in the booth is lit by two fluorescent blacklight tubes. All puppets and props are in fluorescent colours which makes them glow under the blacklight. The puppeteers wear black velvet, making them invisible.


DREAMER IN SPACE is spectacular visual theatre accompanied by an original music soundtrack by Melbourne composer, John Grant. There is no dialogue; the story is told with action and stunning visual images.   The show appeals to a very wide age range and has proved very successful for kinders and primary schools The show is very funny and the audiences love all the characters.   It is also non-violent and non-threatening.   Teachers’ notes available for P - 6, supporting VELS strands Discipline based Learning (Science; English; The Arts) and Interdisciplinary Learning ( Design, Creativity and Technology; Thinking Processes)


The stage will fit into an area 2 metres deep and 3.5 metres wide. The height is 2 metres and only one power point is needed.

The show combines blacklight and mini 12 volt spotlights and thus requires an indoor venue which can be darkened. It does not need total darkness, provided light does not directly hit the front of the stage. Curtains or blinds over windows and skylights are sufficient.

The show involves a lot of props and puppets and needs about an hour and a half to move in and set up. It takes around an hour to pack up.


  Melbourne Metropolitan Areas.  Kindergartens:   $275 per performance (inc. GST)   $495 for 2 performances on the same day with a single set-up.

  Schools:   $3.85 (inc. GST) per student with a 100 student minimum or $385 per performance.

The show begins and ends with a delightful and crazy alien puppet playing a Wurlitzer organ.

“It was what I hoped it would be and more.  It delighted, surprised and challenged.  The children oohed and aahed.  An unforgettable experience.”  (Nadja Slovak (Preps), St. Joseph’s Springvale.  Vic.)

“The children were in awe; they are still talking about it (5 days later).” (Madelyne Smith, Church Street Children’s Centre, Footscray West, Vic.)