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Shakespeare’s  tragedy of a man

and woman who give in

to their darkest impulses

Performer:  Julia Davis

Concept, Design and Puppet Construction:  Julia Davis

Stage Construction and Lighting:  Richard Hart

Set Construction:  Richard Hart and Julia Davis

Music and Sound Effects composition:  John Grant

Drama Consultant:  Peter Tulloch

65 minutes performed live with original

Shakespearean language.

3 metre stage complete with changing sets/lighting/special effects.


“Highly evocative. I think the play was  brilliantly staged and especially appreciated the complex yet accessible imagery employed. The students were highly engaged.”

Lowther Hall Anglican Girls’ Grammar.

“Excellent.  We found the whole concept and delivery fascinating. Such an inventive approach. The voices were superbly varied.” Kilvington Baptist Girls’ Grammar School.

“The production was visually appealing for Year 10 boys.  The porter and the witches were a big hit!   It was a great performance.”

Simonds Catholic College.

“It was a wonderfully inspiring piece.  Visually exciting; not to mention an all round feast of light and sound.  The puppets were excellent – amazing how they came to life! The performer beautifully captured the essence of the characters.  I thought it was a superb performance.”

Mitchell College, Wodonga.

“An impressive presentation.  Kids were engaged especially by all the different facets – puppets, setting, lighting, dialogue, and by the fact that there was one person doing everything. It was a great insight into dramatic performance. We were amazed at the versatility shown.  The use of voice – accents, singing, movement was impressive.”

Tallangatta Secondary College,

Note:  Macbeth - a puppet production will not be offered in schools in 2017

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Shakespeare in Schools

          A new puppet production of  THE TEMPEST  for upper primary school

                                                         available 2017

The Tempest, which was Shakespeare’s final completed play, is  a miraculous tale of magic and power, murder plots, politics, revenge, sacrifice, trust,  responsibility, romantic and paternal love, forgiveness, and what it means to be human.  It all takes place on an island , unpredictable, dangerous and beautiful ,where human beings are at their most exposed.  The puppets have been lovingly crafted to embody the characters of Prospero, the exile and magician, Miranda, his daughter, Ariel, an airy spirit, and Caliban, an island creature, as well as those shipwrecked on the island who undergo various trials.  

Through discussion and suggested follow-up activities students can investigate how societies are formed, how people work together and how to best establish communities which work in harmony with their environments.  

Julia Davis and Angie Macmillan are seasoned performers and artists .

Julia has performed as puppeteer with Dream Puppets for over 12 years and has participated in Dream Puppets performances at festivals in Israel, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Argentina and China.  She  was the creator/performer  of Macbeth  - a puppet production which toured to over 100 secondary schools between 2005 - 2009.  Julia has also worked as a teacher, sculptor, artist/caricaturist and  writer and  has  performed professionally and internationally as a coloratura/lyric mezzo-soprano, most recently singing  operatic arias, lieder and sacred songs  in Acoustic Voice’s concert tour of Mexico in 2014.

Angie Macmillan trained as a puppeteer with the London School of Puppetry and also works as an Experiential and Creative Arts Therapist, music educator, conducting children's choirs and running creative music workshops as well as performing her solo children's shows at festivals and events in Australia and overseas.

As a musician and singer , Angie has composed her own songs, written and illustrated a children's read along story book with accompanying CD -  Koo Wee Kapers,  published in 2012.

In 2015 Angie traveled to Europe to explore the history and culture of the Puppetry Arts, studying carving styles, operating and performance techniques in both Prague and London where she created two beautiful hand carved marionettes. Angie was engaged as a roving performer,  facilitated vocal sessions for puppetry students at the 6th International Festival de Marionette in Southern France and assisted with puppet making workshops for primary school children. 



Macbeth -  a puppet production for secondary schools.  Not offered in 2016/17

We are excited to announce the launch of Dream Puppets’ The Tempest, as an original production involving puppetry, live music and student participation.

This project has been developed over the last three and a half years.  Our production includes story-telling, puppetry (all characters are represented by original puppets which we have crafted), shadow puppetry, singing and music. During the performance, the students are invited to participate as puppet manipulators, performers, and in creating the island sounds using simple instruments.

We believe this enchanting play is accessible and deeply enjoyable for upper primary school children, as an introduction to engaging  with the works of Shakespeare.

The scripted performance runs for 45 minutes. However, with the inclusion of the children and their input, the performance may extend to an hour.  We also offer a workshop prior to the performance for the children to experiment with creating a soundscape for the show.

The language used is a combination of the original and modernised English

The production was first performed in term 3, 2016 to commemorate 400 years since Shakespeare’s death.


“The performance captivated the students from the start. The set, the puppets and the use of light and sound in the show was unique, interesting and helped the students experience the storyline by drawing out emotions, surprise and humour. It was fantastic to see the students actively engaged and even participating in elements of the performance.”

Richelle Hoogenraad,    Dixons Creek Primary School


  Suitable for:        Years 4 to 6  PRIMARY.

  Space required:    Performance area (floor) of 6 metres across and 4 metres deep. 

  Duration:  The scripted performance runs for 45 minutes.

                     However, with the  inclusion of the  children and their input, the                                         

                     performance  may extend to an hour

                     We also offer a half-hour   workshop prior to the performance for the    

                     for the children to experiment with creating a soundscape for the show.

                     This can occur during the set-up time.

  Set-up time:  at least one hour.

  Teachers’ notes:  Teachers notes and suggested student activities are available,  

                                 with reference to Learning Areas and providing opportunities to 

                                 develop Capabilities   as set  out in the Victorian Curriculum F - 10.                              


  COST:         $660 (including GST)  per performance.

  Bookings:   email:     phone  (03)  9888 3023