Superbia,   the fourth production in  the Dreamer series is an exquisitely designed piece of black light puppet theatre.  A richly detailed three dimensional suburban world is realised with the use of spectacular lighting, colour, scrims and the manipulation of scale.

  S u p e r b i a

For the Dreamer family, living in the heart of the Australian suburbs, their home is their universe .   Mr. and Mrs. Dreamer have invested in many state-of-the-art-environmentally-friendly energy-efficient systems for the house.  Their inventive and imaginative child, Dreamer, has created a number of hilarious robotic devices to help with housework - including a robot duck that can temporarily transform any room into another part of the world. 

So when the nearby supermarket proposes to convert their suburban dream into a carpark, the Dreamers go into action.  A grumpy gang of shopping trolleys, an allergy-prone vacuum cleaner and lawn-mowing garden gnomes are as essential features in this enchanted suburban world as the iconic Hill’s Hoist in the Dreamers’ back yard.

Playful and thought provoking, the production alludes to the dangerous impact of human activity on natural environments and demonstrates some aspects of sustainable suburban living.  Superbia is a celebration of suburban life, yet affirms the value of the human connection with, and respect for, the natural world.

Teachers’ notes supporting VELS strands in Physical, Personal and Social Learning (Civics and Citizenship), Discipline-based Learning (The Arts, English, The Humanities, Science,) Interdisciplinary Learning (Design, Creativity and Technology, Thinking Processes) are available.

Note:  This show is not offered in 2017 due to reconstruction and development.

“Magical and inspiring” 
 Bingara Central School NSW 2009
“What a fantastic show!” Yrs. 5, 6, and 7, Geraldton Primary School. WA. 2009
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